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The Gentlemen of Crypto

Feb 23, 2018

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0:56 - Channel Updates 2:12 - Robinhood Commercial 4:34 - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered several state-owned companies to convert a percentage of their sales and purchases into the Petro 6:24 - Turkey, Iran Considers Releasing State-Backed Cryptocurrencies 8:14 - Japan: Only 0.16% Of 2017 Money Laundering Reports Came From Crypto Exchanges 11:23 - Viewer Question: How can you book a hotel with Bitcoin? 11:44 - Tezos Head & Board Member Step Down, Platform Prepares ‘Timely Launch’ 13:46 - Goodbye Bitcoin Cash? Microsoft: On-Chain Scaling ‘Degrades Decentralization’ 16:20 - Nearly half of hedge-fund investors think the stock market has peaked 18:40 - Taiwan Sees First Bitcoin Robbery, Suspects Arrested 20:47 - Dennis Gartman Rekt By Blockchain-Pivot Scam After Calling Bitcoin ‘Nonsense’ (Dino of the Day) 22:25 - Viewer Question: Does Bitcoin count as money or gifts for Division I NCAA basketball players?

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