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The Gentlemen of Crypto

Mar 29, 2018

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2:04 - Free BTC 3:00 - Bitcoin/Crypto market talk 6:11 - New Bitfinex trading pairs 7:21 - Bank Of Montreal Staff Memo Appears To Show Bitcoin ‘Block’ Due To ‘Volatility’ 10:41 - US Pioneers Blockchain Election Voting With West Virginia Mobile Trial 13:06 - Students Increasingly Using Financial Aid for Purchasing Cryptocurrencies 16:32 - Viewer Question: Did you guys see the article about the Howard University financial aid scandal? 20:02 - Germany: National Tourism Center Adds Cryptocurrency Payments For Services 22:42 - OmiseGO And Vitalik Buterin Donate $1 Million In Crypto To Charity For Ugandan Refugees 26:00 - Telegram finally restored after outage across Russia, Europe & Middle East 29:27 - Viewer Question: What are you guys currently holding in your portfolio (excluding BTC,LTC,ETH)?

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