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The Gentlemen of Crypto

Apr 24, 2018

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1:12 - Free BTC winner 2:26 - MyEtherWallet Warns That A “Couple” Of Its DNS Servers Have Been Hacked 5:35 - MIT Comes Up With Three Ways To Destroy Bitcoin 9:55 - Walmart Is Ready To Use Blockchain For Its Live Food Business 12:07 - Amazon Web Services Launches Ethereum And Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Templates 13:35 - Binance Signs Partnership with Ugandan Blockchain Organisation 17:07 - Japan Finally Gets Self-Regulatory Body For Cryptocurrency Exchanges 20:53 - Korea’s Largest Telecom Operator Announces Blockchain Service For Asset Management 24:37 - One in five big financial institutions are getting ready to trade crypto 26:29 - U.S. Court Rules Money Laundering-Related Case Against Coinbase Must Have Public Trial 30:54 - India: Police Superintendent Arrested In Connection With Case Of Bitcoin Extortion 32:15 - Suspect In Iceland Bitcoin Mining Heist Arrested in Amsterdam

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After Laughter (Comes Tears) - Wendy Rene


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