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The Gentlemen of Crypto

Jan 29, 2018

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1:33 - Dino of the Day 5:08 - Deutsche Bank: ‘Required Governance’ For Crypto ‘Could’ Arrive By 2023 9:11 - Tether Confirms Its Relationship With Auditor Friedman LLP Has 'Dissolved' 12:43 - Bitcoin Exchange BTCC Just Got Acquired by a Hong Kong-based blockchain investment fund 14:45 - Viewer Question: Can we cover more ICO that Americans can participate in? 15:00 - Viewer Question: Crypto and taxes? 15:37 - Viewer Question: Are you guys mining any crypto? 15:42 - Japanese Electronics Retail Giant Launches Bitcoin Payments 16:50 - Viewer Comment: "Cash App is no good" 17:25 - Viewer Question: Are we following the Jarvis ICO comming up with the digital underground? 17:48 - Coincheck To Refund All Customers Affected By Hack, Faced By Community Support 19:38 - Viewer Question: Do you guys think there will ever be a universal regulation system for cryptocurrency? 21:35 - UK Crypto Trader Forced to Hand Over Bitcoin at Gunpoint

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