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The Gentlemen of Crypto

Jan 31, 2018

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1:45 - CFTC Sends Subpoenas to Bitfinex, Tether 9:40 - Major Japanese Chat App LINE To Open Crypto Exchange For Its 200 Mln Monthly Users 13:05 - Venezuela Says Crypto Mining Now 'Perfectly Legal' - Announces Petro Presale 16:51 - Facebook bans all crypto-currency ads 18:13 - Scam Alert: Multiple ‘Charlie Lee’ Imposter Twitter Accounts Promise Fake LTC Giveaway 19:32 - Scam Alert: Crypto Phishing 20:25 - Turkey: Football Chairman ‘Proud’ To Hire Player For Bitcoin In New First 23:30 - Viewer Question: What Bitcoin wallets would you guys recommend? 24:50 - Viewer Question: Is Lightning Network centralized?

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