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The Gentlemen of Crypto

Feb 22, 2018

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2:33 - Robinhood Launches Crypto Trading in 5 US States 4:03 - Uphold has bought a mobile commerce startup 5:27 - Viewer Question: What's up with personal private trading bots? 6:08 - Jimmy Song is in the process of designing a laboratory to train and pay crypto developers 9:55 - Global Mutual Funds Could Save “$2.6 Bln” With Blockchain Tech, Shows Calastone Research 12:30 - France: AMF wants to regulate cryptocurrency 15:00 - After Releasing Oil-Backed Petro, Venezuelan President Hints At Gold-Backed ‘Petro Oro’ 16:55 - Long Blockchain Corp. forked from parent company Long Island Brand Beverages LLC after Nasdaq threatens delisting 19:11 - Bitcoiner Faces Charges After Selling BTC to an Undercover Cop 23:17 - Viewer Questions: Do we think this is a real story or just made up FUD? Are they trying to set a precedent?

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